Strip 672

(Will is meeting Mr. Carnes, I recommend leaving Nick in the “South Pacific” costume through the rest of the story.)

WILL        Howdy, Mr. Carnes, ‘member how you said ‘f I ever was worth fifty dollars I could marry yur daughter Ado Annie?

CARNES    Vell, Vill Parker, Fifty dollars! Iz zat vhat zey give you for steer ropink prize money?


WILL        You bet, and if you don’t keep yer promise I’ll snatch her right from under your nose and carry her away!


(Brittany comes on stage as Ado Annie; she is once again VERY pregnant.  Nick is VERY surprised)

DR. SCAR    Goot luck, Herr Parker.

BRITTANY    (waddling on uncomfortably) Ugh, who says the second one is easier.