Strip 673

(Will holds up a small, handheld slide viewer to his eye)

WILL        I got this in Kansas City.  I call it my “Little Wonder”.


(Hands the device to Ali)

WILL        It’s a genuine Pocket-sized Paris Peepshow.

ALI        That all you think it is? Well, it’s more’n that!


(Ali turns to show the device to Jud)

ALI        Now listen carefully, Jud.  This device looks like an ordinary slide viewer…


(Charles pushes a button and a blade pops out.)

ALI        …but activating this switch releases a spring loaded, retina piercing blade, like so.

BRIAN        Hey, this is the kind of thing I usually give to Agent Keene.

NICK        (to Moonbeam) So this is some kind of spy story now?