Oklahoma Part II 676

Artist note:  I got a little confused between Charles and Carnes... so Charles was replaced by Carnes and I'm not entirely sure why I chose to go that way.   - Tiff   Strip 676 (Close up of Brittany holding her stomach and yelling) BRITTANY    Yeehaaaa!!!! Hey everyone!  I think it’s time!   (Everyone stops the show and stares at the pregnant Brittany) CARRIE    What?  Now? CHARLES    But we’re just starting act two! DR ESSEX    Quick!  Call the hospital!   BRITTANY    (to Madrid) No!  That’s my line “Hey everyone, I think it’s time…”, then you say “…for a hoedown!” MADRID    Oh yeah.  That’s right RICHARD    (to the audience) Sorry, ignore that everyone! LAUREY    Let’s dance! CARNES    Yee Haw!

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Part II 676

  1. Expected the first line. Laughed loudly at result. 😀

  2. I was going to point out this trope, but according to the trope description it wasn’t unusual for plays to have multiple actors playing the same character; so I guess this one’s “Averted”.

    Warning: Link to TV Tropes. Say “goodbye” to the rest of your day…

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