Strip 683

RICHARD    It just doesn’t make any sense.  How could the audience fall asleep?  You could question the quality of the show, but you certainly can’t say that it was boring.

SALLY        Actually, I can explain that.


SALLY        I got a rumor that the terrorist Salah Bedwatta was operating in the area, and as everyone knows, Salah Bedwatta is a huge Rodgers and Hammerstein fan.  So I recommended that you put on Oklahoma in the hopes of drawing him here.


SALLY        Not only did he show up, but he brought his entire terrorist cell as some kind of team building exercise.  We caught them all; the whole gang.

RICHARD    Because they fell asleep at our performance?


SALLY        With the help of a few knock out drops administered by my assistant at the concession stand.

ANDY        (wearing a tuxedo and a huge grin) I caught the bad guy while wearing a tux!