Reunion 631

I've decided, I'm really tired of drawing humans and that ponies are sooooooo much easier to draw! - Tiff Strip 631 (Abby and Brian are leaving the reunion) ABBY See, I told you that would be fun. BRIAN I suppose you’re right.   BRIAN I’m a little nervous about Bernard, I hope Melissa doesn’t mess him up too much. ABBY I’ll ask Agent Keene to help find a secret way to break them up quietly and gently.   BRIAN By the way, you never told me what your cover occupation was set up as? ABBY Oh, well… in hind sight it might not have been the best choice.   BRIAN Oh? ABBY (sheepishly) I was a secret agent from a rival agency.  

6 thoughts on “Reunion 631

  1. April Fool! (God I hope so!)

    1. What do you have against esPONYnage? 🙂

  2. yay ponies!

    I know it is just an April fools thing, but I’d like to see more of the cast as ponies. Nick as a pony would be funny.

    1. I don’t know, Nick might have to be a donkey. A donkey with seniority that is!

  3. Fran as a pony… That would be scary.

  4. Ponies. 83

    That is all. X3

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