Strip 606 RICHARD Wait a minute, “goggles and suspenders”? MADRID That sounds about right for people who would still using something like this.   RICHARD (Into the speaking tube) Who are you? Identify yourself.   (Cut to Andy and Carrie striking a pose in front of their own communications console) ANDY My name is Secret Agent Andrew Morris, lead investigator of the Worldstar Espionage Agency. CARRIE And I’m Seniorita Carrie Vasquez, civilian advisor to the honorable Mr. Morris.   RICHARD We’re doomed. MADRID (into the speaking tube) Hi Andy! Did you get promoted?

One thought on “Steampunk-Hurricane-606

  1. Richard should look at the bright side. Since Andy is now the lead agent, Madrid should be going out into the field with him. And Richard would be free of her. 😀

    Love Madrid’s expression in he last panel!

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