Title: 461

5 thoughts on “Title: 461

  1. Ah, that explains a few things. Like her style of combat.

  2. Indeed, death by cuteness is a creative tactic. I’ll it would be creepy seeing her in action due to the very sudden mood shift.

  3. String Petoun Ping

    @ : She doesn’t change of mood. She kill you with her smile still on her face. The hug get suddenly painful as she slide the blade into the victim or you feel the pain of a poisoned needleduring the handshake but all seem normal if you just look at her.

  4. I think it would be more creepy to see her in action if the mood didn’t shift; if she very efficiently offed someone and it still was cute and bubbly, I would be unnerved even more than if she went ruthless and cold to do it.

  5. Ah, the old ‘keeping friends close and enemies closer’ strategy. Stabbing the enemy in the back (or poisoning or whatever) when they least expect it. 🙂

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