Title: 462

8 thoughts on “Title: 462

  1. Whoa! Echoes of American Pie!

  2. Next time, he’ll take Agent Keene’s word for it. It’s like asking a paramedic “What’s the worst you’ve ever seen?”

    The worst answer you can get is the truth. The best answer is “You don’t want to know.”

    Also, I’m now very sure that Agent Doorn’s happy sunshine sparklies could beat up any sparklies you could name. In some cases, I think those sparklies could beat up the person generating the sparkles.

    1. Agent Doorn’s sparklies beat up Chuck Norris.

    2. Or catch one when he’s drunk, and ask him about the funniest.

      One of the tales involved 2 gay men having an intimate moment, and confusion between superglue and something to make things easier.

      1. Um, I was being vague for a reason. I was trying to avoid any “ew, gross” or “oh, that’s going to hurt” moments in the comments.

        Though it’s still not as bad as the answer I got.

  3. Ah yes. The unspeakable horror type of tactical elimination. Classic, sort of a favorite.

    I want to make some sort of joke abut candy, or onions, or somesuch. Something about being sweet on the outside and dark on the inside. Not entirely sure what though… Maybe that candy they used to have with medicine inside? Kids would OD because they didn’t know about said medicine?

    Also, something funny: It seems if you back up or squint or something, the ‘r’ and the ‘n’ in Agent Doorn’s name merge into a single ‘m.’ Guess what her name spells then. 😉

    1. I was wondering if anyone would catch that.

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