I apologize for the huge gap here. It was unexpected and brought about by my TX2000 slowly degrading into a machine I had to fight with every single day to get work done. I hate that thing. It’s been replaced by a Touchsmart Tm2t with a 3 year replacement plan – it doesn’t have the issues that plagued the TX2 line, even though … it’s the newest version of the TX2. Please buy books! I need to pay this off and hopefully picking it up WILL pay off. So far, it’s much faster to get things done! I have three Abby comics in line to be finished so there shouldn’t be any more forseeable delays … unless Mark scripts me insanely detailed pages. 😀 (I overdid the following pages… you’ll see …)

I was also sick for a week … the week I GOT the new tablet – not a fun time to get ill when you’re trying really hard to get things done!

– Tiff