Strip 478
(Plague is scrubbing the break room as Madrid talks to her)
MADRID               The secret to getting a job is dressing for success.  You have to look like you mean business.  You have to admit that you don’t look very approachable.
(Madrid begins to poke and prod at Plague)
MADRID               But I know I could help you.   There’s definitely something there to work with.  Lighten up the hair… more color in your makeup…
(Madrid pulls up Plague’s skirt and unbuttons her blouse)
MADRID               …A little less skirt… a little more cleavage…  We need to plan a shopping trip; a complete makeover.  I’m going to teach you everything I know about how to dress.  We’re going to make this work.  I promise I won’t stop until you’re guaranteed a job.
(Madrid walks away leaving Plague alone)
PLAGUE                The fast food industry is looking better and better…