Title: 481

Strip 481 (Plague is talking to Chloe the security corgi) PLAGUE                A baby shower?  I’m supposed to put together a baby shower?  I don’t know anything about babies, or showers!   (Chloe nuzzles up to Plague) PLAGUE                Let’s be honest.  I was never cut out for anything even remotely maternal.  This is going to be a disaster.   (Chloe rolls onto her back and looks up with puppy eyes; obviously begging to have her belly rubbed.) PLAGUE                I just don’t do cutesy and cuddly.  That cooing and goo-goo baby talk is just ridiculous to me.  There’s no way.   (Plague looks down at Chloe with confusion) PLAGUE                What?

6 thoughts on “Title: 481

  1. The dog is trying to tell her something! 😮

    Hmm… I wonder…

  2. And I quote: “Hello. Pet me? Please pet me! Bellyrubs? No pet me? *Sniffle*”

    She really doesn’t get the whole cute and cuddly thing. At all.

    1. I forgot the ‘Uff’ sound that my corgi makes when he’s trying to get one’s attention. There’s ‘uff’,’erf’,’arrr’,’pfft’ and ‘aro’.

      1. Ways to tell you’re an artist #117: You categorize the sounds your pets make not only by type, but also as written sound effects for use in comic form.

        My family’s pet dog from over a decade ago had a begging for food bark that was about the equivalent of “raff-roof”. Only it’s the Minnesotan pronunciation of “roof”.

    2. I’m wondering if Chloe is trying to hint she’s also pregnant (by way of Madrid’s dog Caesar.)

  3. I wonder if she realizes that a baby shower does actually not involve giving a newborn a bath.

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