Title: 490

Strip 490 ABBY                     These are all, like, real baby shower gifts. BRIAN                   Well, yeah.  What did you expect? ABBY                     I’m sorry I should have known you wouldn’t have let your vendors supply a bunch of dangerous spy weapons. BRIAN                   Oh no, I made it very clear what we needed. (Brittany begins to open another gift.) BRITTANY           Let’s open another… Oh my god!   What’s this? CARRIE                 It’s a baby rattle. (Brittany holds up a small plastic rattle) BRITTANY           What kind of sick monster would give this as a gift to my baby? CARRIE                 It’s just a toy. BRITTANY           “Just a toy”!!! I know 38 ways to kill a man with one of these! ANDY                    Oooo, will you show me? PLAGUE                (points to Andy)  On him.

3 thoughts on “Title: 490

  1. … God help us all if Agent Doorn finds the nerf gun that’s in the closet. She could probably turn it into a portable concealed rocket launcher.

    Or maybe she just knows 17 ways to kill a man with a nerf gun.

    1. A couple of days ago I saw a video where an engineering student had rigged up a nerf gun with a few other items, including a laptop computer. It became an automatic turret belt fed nerf gun that was capable of not targeting anyone wearing a specific logo.

  2. You know what else has rattles? Snakes!

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