Title: 491

Strip 491 (Back at the office, Brittany approaches Abby’s desk.) BRITTANY           Morning Abby, I’m sorry I flipped out at my party.  I really did appreciate it. ABBY                     I’m sorry it didn’t turn out the way you expected.   BRITTANY           It really was nice.  It’s just not what I was expecting a spy agency baby shower to be like. ABBY                     Really?   BRITTANY           Fortunately I was able to exchange some of the gifts and get some stuff that I really needed. ABBY                     Oh good, what did you get?   (Brittany pulls a Kevlar baby suit out of a box) BRITTANY           Look at this.  Isn’t this a darling Kevlar onesy?

5 thoughts on “Title: 491

  1. What frightens me the most is that I am sure someone actually makes one of those.

  2. And probably tac-vest attachments for things like bottles and wipe containers.

  3. What frightens me least. Is I’m not only sure that someone probably does make them, but it makes sense.

  4. A decade or so ago the Marvel anti-hero called Nomad had a baby he carried around with him. I’m sure it was meant to be in homage to the Japanese series “Lone Wolf and Cub,” but even one of the villains called him out on how irresponsible that was. Anyway Marvel did a joke advertisement page selling a special bulletproof carrier children “just like the one Nomad uses.”

  5. Good, that I live in Germany. There is not much weapon available for everybody and people dont have it on their minds. I think we have about 100 deaths by firearms per year with 80mio People.

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