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  1. One would think that The Agency would have an in-house credit union for just this kind of situation.

    1. or a cover identity for the company or something, if you cannot prove where you work how can you file taxes after all? actually they should list it as a benefit.

  2. Ah, but the IRS doesn’t care who you say you work for. Just that you are honest about where the money came from and that you pay what you owe. In fact, it’s a federal offense for anyone in the IRS to report any illegal activity you report on your tax paperwork — other than tax offenses. To the IRS you going to jail is a bad thing. People in jail don’t send in nice big checks every April 15th.

    Which isn’t to say that The Agency shouldn’t either have its own credit union in house (Boo banks! Yay credit unions!) or at least have a proper cover story available for you.

  3. I’ve worked for a super-secret hush-hush company before (you’d be amazed at the security necessary for a state agency that collects child support payments) and the mortgage/car loan divisions of banks where I had to verify employment for the underwriters.

    Bank’s don’t care either, as long as you have a good credit rating and your employer or your tax returns verify that you have a stable, continuing source of income–to ensure that you’ll pay the loan on time with interest!

  4. All HR functions were handled by “Agency Staffing” so that’s the employer information I always give.

  5. The folly’s of youth. Make good money on a job and spend it, forgetting that there is a future to save for.

    And I agree with LilFluff on the banks. They only seam to exist to line their pockets with our money.

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