Title: 511

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  1. Brittany: “Abby, please put that down…”

    Abby: “Isn’t it just a lamp?”

    Brittany: “Well, it is. But it’s also loaded!”

    Abby: “Is there anything in your house that ISN’T a concealing a weapon?”

    Brittany: “Well, I think the toilet paper roller doesn’t have a flamethrower installed. Yet.”

    Abby: O_o

    Brittany: “What? They were supposed to install it last week, but the contractor got delayed.”

    1. Oh, now that’s just silly, hariman! Nobody would install a flamethrower in the toilet paper roller. Have you seen how flammable toilet paper is? Now a machine gun or grenade launcher maybe, but a flame thrower? Out of the question. Just think of how many violations of the fire code that would create.

      And on a side note, Tiffany and Mark, I love this comic.

      1. It’s not the paper. The tube that the paper rolls around on, some type of mini one-round shotgun maybe?

        There is an actual flashlight made in limited qualities that you can flip, turn off the safety, and fire a shell out of after all. Nobody’s allowed to make it or sell it anymore. It’s been years. But someone owning one can give it away as a gift. The owners have to report it to the sheriff of whatever town they move to though.

        There are these pesky 5 different gun permits for it after all.

      2. Thanks OrlahEhontas. It is a lot of fun to write.

  2. Happened to me that I did vacuum the living room, I heard a plop, a smoke mushroom rose from the vacuum cleaner as if it was a Little vulcano and then flames came out. Lucky me it was only 3 meters to the outside door. I threw it out and put water on it (after pulling the plug of course).

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