Experiment with art continues.  Now, I’m messing with settings and there were issues, but eh, I have issues anyway.  I’m not entirely happy with this in some ways, but it’s a fun experiment and it’s teaching me things.  I don’t like that it seems to PULL me into drawing in a certain way, so the next pages have further adjustments.

Please note, I am inking OVER digital mannequins for a break.  I’ll show how I do this a bit later. 😀  It’s neat.  There are some aspects that make this shine.  Panel 1 is awesome.  Panel 2 has a loss of flexibility.  I love 3 and 4 is ok. 😀  – Tiff

Strip 688

ANDY        You’re not giving me a reprimand, are you?

NADIA        No, I have to admit that you did do a fine job working with Sally.


NADIA        But your self-congratulatory attitude is really getting to be a little much for the office.


ANDY        But, Nadia, I caught a bad guy… While wearing a tuxedo!


NADIA        Andy, you’re missing the point of covert operations; our accomplishments are supposed to be kept secret.

ANDY        Where’s the fun in that?