This page followed an update to comipo! that allowed for adjustments to HEAD SIZE.  I immediately made use of it to adjust my models for pencils and inks.  It came out better, but Nadia still looks a bit off.  The models for some reason, work best on Andy, Carrie, and Brian. 😀  – Tiff

Strip 689

ANDY        Come on, Nadia, you know perfectly well if I didn’t appreciate what I did, no one else would.


ANDY        I finally do something important and no one has said anything nice to me.

NADIA        You haven’t given them a chance!


NADIA        Andy, none of us do this for the glory: I agree it’s a thankless job.  We don’t get the recognitions we deserve.  But what matters is that we make the world just a little bit safer by doing what we do.


NADIA        Do you even know the principles that the Worldstar Agency was founded on?

ANDY        I just assumed we were put together by someone who watched a lot of Man from U.N.C.L.E.