Turnabout 690

On the day I laid this out... they introduced COUCHES as objects. :D  I really should have put more stuff in the apartment, but there's never really been a lot of clutter.  I don't think our employees have a lot of belongings.. or they just have them all in their rooms and the kitchen. :D  Or just not on that wall! It's at this point, that I decided I'm going to go back to my usual style, so it'll change after the next couple of updates.  I think using models is a bit easier when looking at them over using them as pencils, in most cases.  It's when I have problems getting a scene lined up that I'll be utilizing comipo and to use as regular reference, at least until they get it to where I can fully adjust body shapes.  It's a handy tool, I just think I can pencil most things with more fluidity.  By the way, it takes the same amount of time to pencil a regular page as it does to utilize models, pose them and such over the page.  In some cases, it's better to use the models to visualize a scene. - Tiff   Strip 690 (Andy is sitting back at the apartment with Carrie, Abby and Brian) ANDY        Can you believe it!  She gave me a book report!   ANDY        I’m supposed to do an oral presentation about the founding of the Worldstar Agency.  It’s humiliating.  She’s treating me like a little kid.   ABBY        Look at the bright side, Andy; she’s given you access to all of the company’s historical files.  She must really trust you in order to give you clearance to that level of classified data. ANDY        Sure, but you know how much stuff is in those vaults?   ANDY        (to Brian) Is there any way to get Cliff Notes for classified documents?      

2 thoughts on “Turnabout 690

  1. Yes Andy, they’re called a synopsis. But, just like Cliff notes, they don’t tell the whole story, so all the juicy parts get left out. 🙂

    1. Actually, I’m pretty sure that they’d be called Briefs. (And, no, you don’t use them as underwear…)

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