Turnabout 692

I realized when I was done that I probably should have shown Nick and Dick, but then realized that it's probably better this way with the dialogue.   Strip 692 (In Nadia’s office.) NADIA        Is your report ready, Andy? ANDY        You bet, here it is…   (An establishing shot of a small colonial town) NARRATION    Hoffman House Inn, Connecticut, 1776   (Carrie and Andy are sitting in a tavern; Abby and Brian are serving drinks.  Everyone is in Colonial era outfits.) CARRIE (Past)        I see the way you keep looking at that tavern owner, Andrew. ANDY    (Past)        I’m simply maintaining an awareness of my surrounding, Wife.   (Richard, wearing a British red coat uniform, and Nick, wearing the robes of a magistrate, enter the bar.) ANDY    (Past)    For example, here come Major Keene and my father, the magistrate.  No doubt they are searching for rebel spies.   (Back in Nadia’s office, present day.) NADIA        Uh… Andy… ANDY        I know, I know, I changed the names to protect the innocent.    

2 thoughts on “Turnabout 692

  1. Commencing Migraine Headache Andy in 5…4…3… 😀

  2. I think Andy might be a cluster migraine.

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