Turnabout 693

  Strip 693 (Back to the Colonial inn.) ABBY (Past)    (to Brian) Bryant, I need to go to the cellar to get a fresh keg of ale. ANDY    (Past)    I’ll assist you, Mrs. Hoffman.   (In the cellar) ABBY (Past)    Andrew, it’s too dangerous.  The Major is right upstairs. ANDY    (Past)     You posted that your special today is haggis, which meant that you have information for me to pass on.   ABBY (Past)    I do, Lt. Williams wants to meet both of us tonight in the woods, at sundown, by the bend in the creek. ANDY    (Past)     Groovy!   (Back in Nadia’s office, present day.) NADIA        “Groovy”? ANDY        Yeah, that old timey dialogue really sets the mood, doesn’t it?  

2 thoughts on “Turnabout 693

  1. I wasn’t aware that old timey included the 60’s.

    And for some reason, I now have an image of Ben Franklin wearing a pair of John Lennon glasses with rose colored lenses…

    …and it won’t go away!!!

  2. Y’know, the “Abby’s Agency” logo looks like neon lighting over a bar.

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