Strip 694

(Back in the tavern Andy and Abby emerge from the cellar.)

NICK (Past)    Andrew, a moment please.


NICK (Past)    I’d like you and your wife to join the Major and I at my house for dinner tonight to confirm your loyalty to the crown.

ANDY    (Past)    I’m sorry, Father, but I can’t make it this evening.


RICHARD (Past)    This suspicious behavior wouldn’t be because you are supporting colonial rebels, would it, Mr. Morris?

ANDY    (Past)    Major Keene, I am shocked that you would suggest such a thing.


ANDY    (Past)    (whispering conspiratorially) Frankly, sir, I’m just embarrassed by my father’s attempts to barbeque.

RICHARD (Past)    I do agree that the “kiss the cook” apron is a bit much.