Turnabout 695

Strip 696 MADRID (Past)     So what is it you want me to do? RICHARD (Past)    There’s a person in the village who I suspect of being a rebel spy.   RICHARD (Past)    I want you to follow him and find any possibility of treasonous activity. MADRID (Past)     You can count on me.   (Nick leans in wearing his “kiss the cook” apron, waving a pair of barbeque tongs.) NICK (Past)    Hey kids, the hot dogs are ready! MADRID (Past)         Excellent, I’m starving.   NICK (Past)    It just wouldn’t be the 4th of July without a good barbeque. RICHARD (Past)    And I have fireworks for later.

One thought on “Turnabout 695

  1. Well, now we know what happens in the next strip…

    Not that I’m likely to remember. 🙂

    And the truly scary thing about today’s strip is that it hits to close to how some people decide what side to join in anything important. Including some of the officials elected to represent the people who voted that way. This is referred to as the snowball effect. And we all know how snowballs fare in hot climes. 🙁

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