Turnabout 697

Strip 697 (Abby and Andy meet Sally, in an American Rebel officer’s uniform, in the woods) SALLY (Past)    Andrew, Abigail, I‘m so glad you both could make it.  I’ve met an informant with some disturbing news.   (Nadia steps forward dressed like Pocahontas) SALLY (Past)    This is Princess Nadiahantas, of the Cor-Por-Ate Tribe. ABBY (Past)    Pleasure to meet you.   SALLY (Past)    Tell him what you told me, Your Highness. NADIA (Past)    Several days ago, a mysterious white woman settled into a cabin deep in the hills to the west of here.   NADIA (Past)    She sleeps through the daylight, but at night she awakens and lights several large bonfires. ANDY    (Past)    Hmm, could be some kind of signal system.  But who’s she signaling?   (Back in Nadia’s office.) NADIA        Andy, you do realize that I’m Asian Indian, not Native American Indian, don’t you? ANDY        I didn’t say it was you, I said it was “Nadiahantas”.  

One thought on “Turnabout 697

  1. Keep digging, Andy! Sooner or later you’ll find the bottom of that hole you’re in.

    And if you don’t, it’ll make it easier for Nadia to cover you up when it comes time to bury you. 😉

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