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Strip 698

(Nadia, Andy, Abby and Sally peer over a ridge at camp surrounding a hut made out of branches and a hollowed out log.  Dream catchers, animal bones and pentagrams decorate the grounds)

NADIA (Past)    Here is the camp I told you about.

ABBY (Past)    What is all that stuff?


SALLY (Past)    I really don’t like the looks of this place.

ANDY    (Past)    I’m not surprised, those marks on the ground represent something very bad.


ANDY    (Past)    You have obviously found the lair of a witch, a practitioner of dark magic, a spouse of Satan.

ABBY (Past)    Oh no.1


PLAGUE (Past)     (Plague, dressed as a witch, steps out of the hut and looks at the “camera”) Are you kidding me?