Strip 701

PLAGUE (Past)     There is a third faction in this war gathering strength to the north.  They are watching your conflict closely in the hope of jumping in when you’re both vulnerable and wiping out both of the greatest countries on either side of the Atlantic simultaneously.


PLAGUE (Past)     I have been trying to use my magic to hold them back, but I fear that I can’t do it alone.

ABBY (Past)    I think she’s right.


ABBY (Past)    Sometimes there are challenges to the world that are larger than any one national or political ideology.  There are going to be times when all of us are going to need to come together to work for a common good that’s greater than any one of our individual agendas.  Perhaps this is the time that we should all unite; British, Dutch, American and pagan.


ABBY (Past)    There’s nothing like a common enemy for uniting every single force and alliance on Earth!

MADRID (Past)     Well, uniting everyone except for the common enemy, of course.