Strip 702

ABBY (Past)    So are we agreed?  Are we all going to work together?

SALLY (Past)     (Shakes hands with Richard) Yes.

RICHARD (Past)    Aye.


ANDY    (Past)    So who is this army and where are they coming from?

PLAGUE (Past)     They’re gathering in Quebec and crossing the border from the north. They are…


(A large group of Frans as zombies shuffle through the woods)

PLAGUE (Past)      (Voice Over)… French Canadian Zombies!

FRAN (Past)    Donnez-nous your brains, eh!


(Back in Nadia’s office, present day.  Nadia rubs her head as she gets a headache.)

ANDY        And the reason you’ve never heard of the great zombie war is because we stopped it!

NADIA        Andy, go back to the mail room.