Hehe… when Mark suggested this particular storyline, I was excited to be doing a ‘Turn’ type storyline. 😀  Turn is a very good  series from AMC, which I recommend.  They reran the whole series recently as Turn: Washington’s Spies.  It’s a story about the people who are the founders of modern spycraft.   My husband and I watched it from the first run along with Salem, the latter of which we gave up on as just … too bizarre. 😀

As for this:  This piece of artwork stuck immediately in my mind and is the first time I’ve done a parody type piece.  Yes, that’s Andy Moriss standing there, in the midst of zombie redcoats. 😀 😀  Because…it’s Andy.

I’m going to print this out and hang it on my wall!!  Everything fell into place perfectly on this piece and it’s my favorite piece of art I’ve ever done.  I even managed to find the exact same font they use on the actual Turn promotional pieces. (It’s called Centaur.) 😀 😀

– Tiff, who btw, hates Zombies….