Consider Supporting the Comic

Just a little note, because I don’t do this enough here, but if you enjoy this comic updating, consider purchasing a book, spreading the url or donating to support it. There will be a chipin box added soon, which I highly encourage the use of.

I’m on the edge of putting it on a hiatus to work on another comic until the economy improves. Since this comic primarily depended on ad revenue and that hasn’t been all that great this year, eventually I have to make the decision on if the time put into it is worth what we get out of it or if that time is better spent concentrating on something else. That wouldn’t end up being a complete end, because I routinely cycle through comics that aren’t as popular at the moment to test the waters. They may go on hiatus, but can return a year later and if they do well… remain. I’ve actually let Abby stay on much longer than I should have because I do it with Mark. 🙂