Status Update

January 7th, comics will return to REGULARLY scheduled updating. That is, twice a week. There will be Wednesday updates this week, but not on Christmas. My husband and daughter are on break for two weeks for Christmas.

2013 started out well, but it went downhill from there in many ways. My intention was to upgrade my equipment by purchasing a Yiynova and I GOT it! Thank you! Unfortunately, my laptop had been giving me trouble and in September was replaced… by a unit lacking a wacom digitizer. This was a horrible, horrible thing that HP did to me. :/ I depended on my laptop for lots of inking and other work and since we share a computer, I can’t always be at it and it was stressing me out to the point that I tried to make as much use of it as I could to do inking and comics, that I had less time for actual penciling so now I’m OUT of penciled pages! 😀 I also couldn’t get to any commissions. :/ (Stressing over stupid things also interrupts workflow. 9.9 I was stupidly anxious for no real reason.)

I did NOT want to buy a new laptop this year. I got the Yiynova. I planned on this for next year, but when it looked like I was going to, I kind of dug in that this time, I want a NICE laptop.

In the end, as in, this weekend, I just gave up on getting a nice new tablet pc, the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga, i7, 8 gigs of RAM with a 12’5″ WACOM screen. In preparation, I cleared off a part of my table and after yet another in a string of obvious scammer offers for my laptop, just gave up and began installing most of what I need on it. I’m not happy about it, but it works ok hooked up to the Yiynova in the bedroom on my desk, so I can stream again. It took over a day to install everything and transfer everything.

I hope I kill it.

– Tiff

Update Update!

Comics should now mostly update on schedule! Two updates are ready to go up this week, however, they’re a bit rough looking due to me using three different devices to try to draw comics unsuccessfully and then getting my new digital tablet and learning how to use it on these pages. Next week’s will look more normal!

– tiff

Updates This Week

There is one update this week and the site still needs a lot of work.
Unfortunately, at this time, my laptop is NOT arriving any time soon. They haven’t given me any information on the progress of it being repaired and without it… I have a REALLY hard time inking.
I don’t have anymore pages ready to color, so next week may also lack an update.
I’ll work on other things, like pencilling and fixing up the site.
If you find any errors, just post on the pages and I’m sure there are plenty. It’s going to take awhile to get everything fully organized.

– Tiff