Strip 626
ROB Look, I can’t blow my cover. What do you say we get out of here and I’ll show you what it’s like to be under cover?
ABBY That sounds great. (Drapes her arm over Rob’s shoulder)
ABBY (Whispers into Rob’s ear as she sticks a small metallic disk to his back between the shoulder blades) But before we go, this may be my only chance to see a real secret agent in action. Can you show me a few of your spy moves?
(Rob stomps off with a determined look. Abby is in the background looking thrilled.)
ROB You want to see a little old fashioned ass kicking, huh? Watch this, I’ll show you how to impress a girl.
(Abby’s thrilled look turns to something that looks a little more queezy.)
ABBY (to herself) I don’t know how Agent Keene does it, I’m going to have to shower for a week.