Strip 316
Panel 1
MADRID (Approaching the pitcher’s mound) Richard?
DICK You’re supposed to be in center field!

Panel 2
MADRID I just don’t think that I’m making the most of my visual appeal out there. No one can see me that far away.

Panel 3
MADRID I’m going to go into the stands and try to flash the Jumbotron
DICK: The Jumbotron?

Panel 4
DICK Good grief!

Sorry for the lapse in updates. There may be another one, then I go to three days a week. My daughter was ill and ended up with Pneumonia. Thus… I had to spend a full day driving around to doctors and clinics… it was so much fun. 😛 Nevermind the four days and nights with the high fever and cranky five year old.

And yes … no panties… simply because I never draw panties to begin with and it was easier to draw a butt than try to figure out how to put on panties. 😀 And after a bit of thought… it occurred to me that Madrid would be likely to NOT wear panties… and there wouldn’t be a tan line either. Oddly… this was the second naked butt I drew last week… and probably the only two in the last three or four years. Hmm.. except … that I draw everyone naked and then put clothes on them. I just don’t do a lot of detail when I do it. 😀