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Strip 355 (A room full of boxes and cans of food and supplies) ABBY Brian! What’s with all the food. BRIAN I’ve found a bulk distributor for our food. We can save a ton on food costs.   ABBY There’s enough food here to feed an army! BRIAN At incredibly low prices!   ABBY How much do you think we’re going to eat? BRIAN At these prices, it doesn’t matter.

6 thoughts on “355 (6 Comments)

  1. I see oranges, how long does he think the food will last?

  2. Catherine_Catgirl

    Umm. Yummy?

  3. I can finish that crate in 2 weeks easily :P, and properly dried oranges can last for ages 😀

  4. Having just gone from weekly paychecks to monthly retirement ones, this is so hard to get a handle on!


  5. That’s just too funny. Brian I commend your economical mind, but you fail as a boyfriend right here. Now If you had family to feed it would be different story all together.

  6. Coming from a family of 7 kids, I have seen food staked like this and costco was the only store we went to for most of my life ^^;

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