Mission 648

Strip 648 (Virginia continues to talk into her earpiece) VIRGINIA Listen to me carefully, Paris. One of the Worldstar agents has something we need. I’ve searched the male agent and he doesn’t have it.   VIRGINIA That means the female agent has to have it. It’s up to you to make sure she gives it to you. Do whatever it takes, but get the MacGuffin from her.   (Cut to a broom closet where Paris and Madrid are with disheveled clothes. Paris has lipstick marks across his face.) PARIS (to Madrid) She says you’re supposed to give me a “MacGuffin” MADRID I’m not sure what that is, but I did date a Scottish guy once…  

2 thoughts on “Mission 648

  1. MacGuffin: It does not mean what you think it means, Madrid…

  2. Looks like Paris has been in Madrid, though.

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