Strip 485
CARRIE                 Do you really think that Brian would buy a bunch of spy weapons as baby toys?
ABBY                     I love him dearly, but what do you think?  I just can’t confront him directly.  I don’t want to suggest that he’s not capable of making a smart decision.
CARRIE                 I see your point
ANDY                    You’re making too much of this.
ABBY                     What are you talking about?
ANDY                    Even if he does get a bunch of spy gadgets, kids are much more advanced these days.  They can handle a lot more and actually require more stimulation and responsibility.  Brittany is a highly trained operative, if anyone can teach the kid how to handle this stuff safely, it’s her.
CARRIE                 You just want to play with the baby’s new toys.
ANDY                    I would have killed for cool gadgets like that when I was a kid.