11 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Just a heads up, browsing through the archives, does not display correctly, the img src points to
    On an unrelated note, the comic is great, glad I found it.

  2. I think you’re missing a few random archived images. I decided to go back through and read. 5/29/2008 only has comments now. The panel after consists of plague in black banging her head. Panel before the comments shows her in bright colors and a blush. Whatever happened between is gone

  3. Just to let you know, I went to subscribe today, and it appears your RSS feed stopped updated at the end of the year.

  4. Hi,

    You appear to have some page hijacking advertising going on on the second last upload. #657

    1. Yeah, not sure where it was coming from, but it looks like Pulsepoint fixed it within a few hours. :/

  5. I don’t know if you guys are aware but the RSS feed has been broken since September 20, 2013.

    1. Nope, we weren’t aware, but it’s not surprising. 🙁 It has broken repeatedly prior to that. I’m about to overhaul the site (next week) and that will likely fix the RSS.

  6. Any idea as to the next update for Abby’s Agency?

    1. I don’t know. The next page is penciled and I’m starting off the year well. I just had a lot to deal with last year and finally got the biggest real life issue resolved. I’m behind, but it should happen within the next couple of months.

  7. Any plans to at least finish the current storyline?

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