My sites went boom… almost literally. Three walls were blown out of the power room where my other sites are hosted, so I have nowhere to type things. 😀 For those of you who visited me at A-kon, thank you! I’m sorry that book 2 didn’t arrive like it was supposed to. There was a little confusion because I had two separate orders placed for it and they didn’t ship it to me in time. :/ As a matter of fact it’s *sigh* sitting downstairs about fifty feet from me locked in the apartment office. I have no way to get to them and am a little curious why they sent them to my apartment when I’m at a convention all day and logically… am not going to be able to get them. 🙁 Now, I have 30 books that were intended for the convention that will be sitting in a comic box for the next year. If you check the Shop link at the top of the page, you can purchase one and help me offset that loss. 😀 (The store will reopen on Tuesday.)