Strip 630 (Melissa approaches Bernard and takes his arm.) MELISSA Hi Bernard, I’m Melissa BERNARD Oh… uh… Hi. I’m Bernard.   MELISSA I’ve never seen Rob do anything as cool as what you just did. You must be the spy he said was here. BERNARD Really? I didn’t think I was.   MELISSA I know, you can’t talk about it. Would you like to go somewhere for a drink? BERNARD Sure, I guess.   BRIAN Well what do you know, Bernard finally got to date a cheerleader. ABBY Poor Bernard.

2 thoughts on “2014-03-25-Reunion-630

  1. On the one hand. Yep, poor bernard.

    On the other. He does get to go on a date with one now. Even when he winds up discovering they don’t have anything in common, it’s still an experience lol

    1. It does look good on a resume. 🙂

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