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Strip 374

FRAN        Who’s this?

DICK        This is Renee Petrov, she’s coming from GSI to work with us.

FRAN        Who said we were hiring?

DICK        You can confirm the request through Ms. Twithew.

FRAN        What can she do?

DICK        What can she do?  She’s a highly trained operative with years of field experience.  She’s fluent in 12 languages, melee and firearm combat as well as demolitions.  She’s gone undercover to blend in with dozens of different cultures and nationalities.  She’s going to be incredibly valuable.

FRAN        Well, I guess Andy could use an assistant down in the mail room.

DICK        I’ll make sure she knows your home address.

4 thoughts on “374 (2 Comments)

  1. this may sound completely wrong but… I would pay to see Renee kill Fran.

  2. I’d pay to see ANYONE kill Fran, even though her character is essential for the ‘office BURRO-cracy’ elements. Just as I’d like to see ‘pointy-hair’ fired from the company Dilbert works for…

  3. I can’t tell who I dislike more: Fran or Nick.

  4. Pity they both can’t be “promoted” to the Jamaica branch…

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