I apologize for not posting a note about missing updates.  We’re currently looking for a house to move to and I’ve just completed a very time consuming Kickstarter.  Everytime I would come to my sites to make a post, I’d go blank and forget what I was doing.  That’s how bad it is.  I wanted to be back to two updates a week by now, but that’s just not going to happen until the fall at this point.  We have to find a place to live and we’re in an area we’re having a very difficult time competing for houses in. 🙁  – Tiff

Strip 717 – 14

(Richard drops him cell phone as Madrid strangles him with the keyboard cable)

MADRID    Amazing what you can do with a little extra cable, isn’t it?

RICHARD    What… Are… You… Doing?


MADRID    Who are you and what are your intentions to Senator VanDoren?

RICHARD    Senator VanDoren?  …What are you… talking about?  I have no… intentions to Senator …Van Doren!


MADRID    What’s going to happen in Madrid?

RICHARD    Believe me, I’ve worked VERY hard to avoid knowing what happens inside Madrid.