Richard’s probably going to feel that in the morning.  – Tiff

Strip 719 – 16

(Richard is sitting up in the library rubbing his head.  Madrid is gone and Abby can be heard from the cell phone lying nearby.)

ABBY        Agent Keene!  Can you hear me?


RICHARD    (into the phone) I’m here, Abby.  I’m okay.  Madrid must have knocked me out.

ABBY        I heard everything.  She’s going to assassinate her father!


RICHARD    Why would she do that?

ABBY        She thinks she’s on a mission to murder the Senator.  Apparently she suffered a concussion and lost her memory.  That’s why she’s been so good at giving us the slip.


RICHARD    So you’re saying that she lost her memory and forgot that she’s incompetent?

ABBY        Do you want a better excuse for how she beat you?