Oklahoma Part II 668

From Tulsa With Love Part II   Strip 668 (Abby, Richard and Brian are on stage while Moonbeam explains the scene) MOONBEAM    Okay, here’s the scene.  Abby, you play Laurey, the beautiful rancher.   (Close up of Richard looking intimidating) MOONBEAM    Richard, you’re playing Curly, the heroic cowpoke who’s in love with Laurey.   (Close up of Brian looking bewildered) MOONBEAM    And Brian, you’re playing Jud, the villainous farmhand who’s competing with Curly for the affection of Laurey.   (A long shot that shows how an angry, brooding Richard is taller than the nervous, innocent Brian) MOONBEAM    Laurey, you’re attracted to Curly, but you’re afraid and intimidated by Jud, the farmhand. ABBY        Wait a minute, which one am I intimidated by?  

4 thoughts on “Oklahoma Part II 668

  1. Brian is *definitely* miscast for that role…

  2. It’s called acting dear boy, you should try it.

    But I’m in with the rest of the crowd thinking “this is all going to go so horribly wrong.”

  3. I think ist quite the good set. Everybody is playing a role that is difficult for him. Isnt that what Training is for?

  4. Ahahahahahaa I *love* the guys poses!

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