Title: 477

Strip 477 (Plague appears at Abby’s desk.) PLAGUE                I’m ready to cover you for your lunch, Ms. Normal. ABBY                     You’re 20 minutes early.   PLAGUE                I’m trying really hard to be extra helpful so Nadia will offer me a full time job.   ABBY                     I didn’t think you liked this “stupid job”?   PLAGUE                Well, yeah.  But it’s not like any other stupid job is going to be any better. ABBY                     (sarcastic) That’s the spirit.

3 thoughts on “Title: 477

  1. you know I wish i could say i have never worked with people that think that way.

  2. Oh dear. That’s so true it hurts.

  3. I believe I’ve read that in Dilbert, and seen that in my office … and heard about it in other offices.
    Oh, too true.

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