Turnabout 703

  Strip 703 (Andy stomps past Abby’s desk) ABBY        How did it go? ANDY        Once again, I’m back to being under appreciated.   ABBY        So, not well? ANDY        She completely blew me off.  I don’t even think she was listening to me!   ABBY        You don’t think it was because she figured out that you didn’t actually do any research and had made up the entire story? ANDY        How could she possibly know that?   ANDY        Unless she already knew the real story, but then why would she have asked me to look it up, right? ABBY        (suppressing a smile) Sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking.    

One thought on “Turnabout 703

  1. Gee, let me think…

    To see if you could really be trusted with an important job?


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