Strip 379

RENEE        Mr. Anthony Morris’ mailroom, Renee speaking, how may I help you?

J        ‘Ey, you’re not Abby mon!

RENEE        No, you dialed the mailroom extension.

J        Aw mon!  At least we’re getting’ closer, mon.

RENEE        Is this the Jamaican department of the WSA?  Didn’t I bust you guys a while back?

J        Oh yeah… But just ‘ho busted ‘ho, mon?

RENEE        You’re not still dealing with that same stuff that I busted you for, are you?

J        Oh yeah, mon., more dan ever, Renee mon.  So ‘ow are you doin’?  ‘Ow’s life treatin’ me favorite counter intelligence officer?

ANDY        Is that a personal call?  Who are you talking to?  Do I have to put you on report?

RENEE        (into phone) Actually I may have a request.

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