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Strip 384

PLAGUE                So you’re a Trekkie now?

ANDY                    Yeah I’m kind of surprised too.  Usually I’m just into spy movies, but I loved Star Trek.

PLAGUE                So now you’re devoting your live to a movie that…

PLAGUE                That a… Uh… It has… Uhm…

ANDY                    You liked it too, didn’t you?

PLAGUE                Yeah, I really did.

4 thoughts on “384 (3 Comments)

  1. Uhm, long time reader here. =)
    I’ve been hooked with this comic sine I found it and its really interesting and funny (writing and art goes together very nicely). Keep it coming, you two!

    PS Shouldn’t it be life instead of live? =)

  2. It happens to me alot! Its quite normal to forget a lot of things especially when things are so busy and juggling so many stuff together. I admire how you are able to do it with your work and family life. =D

    I just thought to mention it as I’d like ppl who notice my mistake to tell me. =)

  3. You can be an alien, Plague!

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